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Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle
Smoke Odor Candle
These Enzyme Formulated candles and sprays are designed
specifically to attack smoke odors in the air.  They are not
designed to overpower the smoke odor, but to neutralize it with
a warm soft scent.  Regular scented candles that you can get
anywhere might make the room smell nice when they’re lit, but
when they’re extinguished, they haven’t exterminated anything,
they’ve just covered up any odors. The exterminator candles, on
the other hand, are formulated with enzymes to destroy all
odors—tobacco, pet, kitchen, etc.
Smoke Odor Exterminator Air Freshener
Smoke Odor Exterminator Spray
Smoke Odor Spray
Cigar Minder Cigar Holder
Try the Cigar Minder cigar holder! Clip your cigar to the golf cart or dashboard when you need both hands. Made of quality plastic for durable performance. Never be forced to throw out a cigar again!
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