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Cusano P1 20ct
Cusano CC 20ct
Cusano CC
Cusano M1 20ct
Cusano M1
Cusano MC 20ct
Cusano MC
The Cusano P1 cigar, part of the Cusano
Celebrity Series, is a medium-to-full-bodied
smoke with a lot of flavor. Perfect draw,
smooth taste and an incredible value. The
Cusano P1 Churchill has it all.

"The original taste of Cuba has been
rediscovered! Our Cusano Cubans
are blended to taste and perform
exactly the way the legendary Cuban
brands did in their hay day. We are
producing limited quantities of these
legendary cigars in a state of the art
Dominican facility. Perfect draw and
sweet, smooth palate pleasing power
will convince your belly that these
are, in fact, the real deal! Taste one
of our Cusano Cubans and see for
I burned my fingers; I just didn't
want to quit. You will thank me if
you get this M1."
"Rich & Flavorful! Superb! Well
balanced with a deep rich wood
flavor from beginning to end and a
pleasant lingering aroma. Excellent
construction. A fine, almost white
ash, perfect burn and draw.
Exceptional value for the price."
Cusano P1 Cafe Robusto 20ct Bundle
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Cusano P1 Churchill Bundle 20ct
Cusano CC Churchill Bundle 20ct
Cusano M1 Churchill Bundle 20ct
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Cusano P1 Corona Bundle 20ct
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Cusano M1 Robusto Bundle 20ct
Cusano MC Robusto Bundle 20ct
Cusano P1 Torpedo Bundle 20ct
Cusano CC Torpedo Bundle 20ct
Cusano M1 Torpedo Bundle 20ct
Cusano MC Torpedo Bundle 20ct
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