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one of the most complex and balanced cigar in the Hoyo de Monterrey line.

The Excalibur series has become a legendary brand since its inception. Utilizing thick, hearty long leaves -all
well-aged and properly fermented - this brand simply consists of extraordinary blends. The brand is produced in
Honduras at the famous Villazon factory, which incorporates some of the strictest quality control standards in the
business. For this reason, Excalibur cigars will fail to disappoint as they all burn perfectly, are meticulously rolled
by only the most skilled torcedors and are consistent from stick to stick.

The Dark Knight series can easily be considered the "cream of the crop" in Hoyo de Monterrey's portfolio of
blends. We've lit up many of these sticks and received the same results: full-flavors, enticing aromas and
complexities that keep your interest down to the nub. The blend consists of premium Dominican, Honduran and
Nicaraguan long leaves, but what makes this blend so great is its wrapper. You'll find a very dark, toothy and oily
Connecticut Havana wrapper - a rare gem that creates a super-smooth character with flavor nuances of cedar and
leather. Expect a toasty character from start to finish, which is very similar to Partagas Black.
Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Knight 5.7 x 54 Box of 20
Hoyo de Monterrey Dark Knight II 6.5 x 52 Box of 20
Hoyo de Monterrey Cigarillos 20ct Tin
Hoyo de Monterrey Miniatures 20ct Tin
Hoyo De Monterrey Tins