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Hookah Smoking
Hookah Smoking
1. Fill the glass base about half full of water. Submerge the bottom of the stem about 1
½” into the water.

2. Place the large black rubber base grommet onto the bottom of the metal stem. Insert
the metal stem into the glass base by applying pressure downward while rotating the stem
so it fits snugly.

3. Place the circular ashtray on top of the metal hookah stem.

4. Place the rubber bowl grommet (the larger rubber grommet) onto the top of the metal
hookah stem. Place the ceramic tobacco bowl on top of the grommet to create an airtight
seal. Be sure not to push the bowl onto the stem too hard, as this may split the bowl in
two pieces.

5. Insert the hose grommet (the smaller grommet) into the hose port on the metal hookah
stem. Place the wooden end of the hose into the rubber hose grommet and secure snugly
to create an airtight seal. Do this for all hoses if using a multiple hose hookah.

6. Sprinkle some hookah tobacco into the clay bowl. Be sure not to over pack the bowl,
as you want good airflow through the tobacco. Also, it is advisable to keep a small
amount of airspace between the top of the tobacco and the underside of the foil, not
more than ¼”.

7. Cover the tobacco in the bowl with a piece of aluminum foil, shiny side down. Punch
holes in the foil w/ a large pushpin or any pointed object. Try to make the hole pattern fit
the size of charcoal you’ll be using. Too many holes will result in fresh, unheated air to
combine with the hookah smoke resulting in a less thick smoke. A fork can be used to
quickly create a 4 x 4 hole pattern.

8.) Quick-lighting charcoals. Use the charcoal pincers to secure a piece of charcoal while
igniting it with a lighter or match. Let the charcoal continue sparking until no chemical
igniter is left. Blow on the charcoal until it is red hot and place on top of foil covered

9. When the coal has a grey coating, place the coal on top of the foil.

10. The metal charcoal windscreen can be used when smoking outdoors to prevent the
wind from blowing hot charcoal or ash. The windscreen can also be used indoors to
prevent a hot charcoal from burning the floor.

11. The hookah hose should be rinsed out before the initial use and also between uses to
prevent molasses build-up inside the hose. Simply put the hose grommet on the hose
upside down. Press the hose w/ upside down grommet against a sink faucet to push
water through the hose.

12. The air exchange valve, or one-way valve, allows the user to clear stale or overly
thick smoke form the glass base. This is done by blowing into the hose and pushing the
used smoke out through the air exchange valve. The valve is blocked off by a steel ball
bearing, which prohibits fresh air from entering the hookah when sucking on the hose.
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