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Macanudo Tudor Box 25ct
Macanudo Tudor Cigars
Macanudo superior-quality, handmade cigars, one of the most
popular brands in the USA, were first made in Jamacia in 1868.  
They are now manufactured by the General Cigar Company, both
in Jamacia and the Dominican Republic.  The same blends are used
in each location and it is extremly difficult to differentiate between
the countrys of origin.  Apart from the Vintage Range Macanudo,
made only in Jamacia, they all use Connecticut Shade wrappers,
grown on the company's farm in Conneticut valley, Mexican
binders and a blend of Jamacian, Mexican and Dominican fillers.  
Macanudo cigars offer a rich, complex flavor with an exceptionally
smoothe smoke.  They are consistently well-made and deserve
their high reputation.
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Macanudo Tudor
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