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Clear Flush Total Body Purifier
Clear Flush Body Purifier
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Clear Flush does not hide or mask toxins, it is an actual flush. If your exposure to toxins has been light to moderate, it will cleanse the body permanently (unless of course, you are exposed to more of the same toxins). For those with HIGH toxin levels, the product will cleanse your body for approximatly 5 hours. After that time the toxins stored in fat cells around the body recontaminate the body fluids.
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Clear Flush Body
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Clear Flush PermaClean Permanent Body Cleanser
CLEAR FLUSH PERMA CLEAN was developed to address the
long term needs of those people who are wishing to make a life
style change. It will permanently remove unwanted toxins from
the body and allow responsible men and women to function
normally without any nagging concerns about future personal
cleansing deadlines or randomly imposed mandates.

PERMA CLEAN does not hide or mask toxins but it is not
formulated to meet an immediate personal cleansing deadline. It
involves an eight day detoxification regimen and a commitment
to a life style change which is not conducive to future
contamination. Many of our customers have already made their
desired career or personal life modifications and are looking for
a way to mitigate any previous indiscretions. In a phrase, they’
re looking for a “clean slate”.

CLEAR FLUSH PERMA CLEAN is equally beneficial in
cleansing the blood, saliva and urine. It also contains
supplements proven to clean and enhance the functions of the
liver, kidneys and bowels. In addition, PERMA CLEAN includes
a supplement which will reduce the body’s cravings for those
toxins which are being withdrawn.

The CLEAR FLUSH PERMA CLEAN program requires eight
consecutive days to complete. It is predicated on the concept of
spaced repetition - removing toxins at a uniform rate over a
specific, proven period of time.

The bottle contains 32 ounces of liquid which must be
consumed with additional water, at the rate of 2 ounces, twice
per day. The bottle cap is designed to hold exactly one ounce of
PERMA CLEAN and is used as a convenient measuring device.
You can drink the specified dosage directly from the cap or use
it to pour two ounces of CLEAR FLUSH into one or two
glasses of water.

Don’t skip any days. If you can’t meet the full eight day
requirement, wait until you can. CLEAR FLUSH PERMA
CLEAN is intended to be a permanent solution. If a regimen of
twice a day for eight consecutive days seems too demanding,
you’re probably not motivated enough for a life style change.

Begin on the morning of the first day by taking two ounces
(two caps full) of CLEAR FLUSH PERMA CLEAN followed by
at least 16 ounces of water. PERMA CLEAN works best on an
empty stomach. Take it at least ½ hour before breakfast and
then again at least ½ hour before dinner.

Small frame people will be more comfortable if they pour a
single cap of CLEAR FLUSH into an eight ounce glass filled
with water, drink it and then repeat the process one more time.
The average small drinking glass holds eight ounces, while most
larger drinking glasses will hold 16 ounces. Drinking more than
eight ounces of water with each ounce of CLEAR FLUSH
PERMA CLEAN is not a problem but drinking less than eight
ounces of water with each cap full is counter productive.

During the entire eight day regimen, you are advised to refrain
from food and drinks with high sugar content, fresh fruit and
acidic juices such as orange juice or cranberry juice, and avoid
any form of caffeine (often found in coffee, tea, sodas, etc.).
While these products seldom interact with CLEAR FLUSH, they
may interfere with the body’s natural detoxification process. At
a bare minimum, they put additional toxins into the body which
CLEAR FLUSH PERMA CLEAN must remove along with those
toxins that are being targeted.

We are often asked if smoking regular cigarettes interferes with
the effectiveness of CLEAR FLUSH. This is one of those good
news, bad news scenarios. First the bad news – The tar and
nicotine found in cigarettes are additional toxins that will need to
be removed along with the targeted substances. The plain fact is
that the more toxins that you continuously put into your body,
the less PERMA CLEAN will be available in each dose to deal
with the primary reason you are in the program.

Now the good news – If at the end of the eight day regimen,
you decide that it would be a good time to quit smoking as well,
it’ll be a walk in the park. You will have already eliminated the
physical craving for tobacco and you will be feeling better than
you have felt in years.

Speaking about that “walk in the park” we recommend a
lifestyle that includes both a healthy diet and strenuous aerobic
exercise; however moderate exercise is more appropriate during
the eight day regimen. A brisk walk, twice a day for thirty
minutes, is an excellent complement to the reduced caloric
intake of the program.

One final note. Some toxins are measurable in a sophisticated
(and much more expensive) hair analysis for more than 90
days. In hair samples, these toxins are detectable on a molecular
level and no amount of shampooing or detoxification will
change what was in the hair when it was created. Inasmuch as
the hair is typically sampled at the base of the neck however,
most adults will have created a new history within three months.